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You’ll get TWO FREE books for each book series to start and access to our bookstore app - top reading app for kids in the education category.

We have books to entertain children and teen of all ages, from the ages of 3 up to 18 - hundreds of children’s books and teen’s books from Phan Thi publishing company and other nation-wide publishers.





Is a collection of inspiring stories for teen and young, aged from 13 to 18. Meaningful stories with invaluable lessons to help your children to stand up from failure and develop success, to learn how to love, to share, to forgive, and to care for all beloved around them.



We also have TRUYEN HAY SU VIET - the illustration book series features interesting stories and legends in Vietnamese history. The illustrations are gorgeous. The stories are captivating. Read to know more about our historical epic.

We feature comic books, with the hottest, most humorous and most useful series of THAN DONG DAT VIET, in which your children wil enjoy the main black-and-white series and three derivative color series of Than Dong Dat Viet: Science, Maths, and Fine Arts.

In future, we will promote reading through delightful animations and lots of interactivity in each of our children’s books. Your child will absolutely love touching characters and objects to see what happens next. Narration, sound effects, changing colors, and all sort of fun surprises await your kids on each page.

One book a day develops your child’s love for books and a daily reading habit.

Work with PhanThi on your next project !  Simply head on over to the PhanThi Contact  and tell us a little about your project. 

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